Mentors AU | | Finnick and Peeta

The Seventy Eighth Hunger Games have finally arrived and Finnick is appointed to mentor the two volunteer tributes from his District. He’s only mentored five times but he already considered preparing the trained tributes as simple. Hardly having to do anything but give his participants advice, Finnick thought that this year’s Game would go by easily like all the others.

Taking the train along with the District Four Escort and Tributes, Finnick sat alone in his room until they reached the Capitol. There, he gave expert advice to his tributes and went about his business. It was the first day and he expected the usual unenthusiastic week in the Training Center until he laid his eyes on the blonde that mentored for District Twelve.

He recognized the young mentor from the Seventy Fourth; the year from which there were two victors; one male and one female. His eyes gazed to the other side of the Training Center where he saw the female mentor helping out the two tributes from Twelve. Finnick then walked over to the station the baker was in and introduced himself. He gave the other a genuine smile and held out his hand, “Finnick Odair, District Four. And I don’t believe I’ve seen you as a mentor for your District before.”